Starbuck’s Mini-Me?

In one of the trailers for Season 3, we see Leoben Conoy (the Cylon who Starbuck had tortured in the Season 1 episode “Flesh and Bone) holding a little blonde-haired girl and telling her, “This is Kara, your mother.” Leoben’s wearing a colonial uniform and holding the child as if it is his own, and Starbuck whirls around to stare when he says “your mother.”

Now this is freaky. Could this be the answer to Starbuck’s so-far unexplained “second scar?” Is this little girl really the offspring of Kara Thrace? And how the hell can you be a child’s mother without knowing about it? In the creepy episode “The Farm” from Season 2, Starbuck escapes from the Cylon hospital on Caprica with a strange scar on her left side – right about where her reproductive internal organs are. She brushes it off when asked about it, and the show hasn’t mentioned it since then. Could they have extracted DNA or tissue from Starbuck and cloned a child, or combined it with a Cylon to create a hybrid baby? Could Leoben be the “father?” It’s a horrible thought but it could be possible. Anything could be possible. I can’t wait to catch up with this storyline because it’s been since August 2005 when “The Farm” originally aired that we’ve been waiting to find out…

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  1. ninja says:

    I don’t get why the cylon/human offspring aren’t seen as a logical step/progression of life. Didn’t Adama say what gives humans the right to live when they keep killing each other/everyone else off? Funnily enough, it’s the cylon clones who get all upset and tearful about everything & seem to have stronger moral strictures. Still, haven’t seen any of series 3 & won’t get to ’til it’s out on DVD (sigh).

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