Sharon vs. Boomer

In Grace Park Q&A Part 1 — which can be found in the video/features section of the SciFi website — Ms. Park answers some questions from fans. When one fan refers to “G-Boomer” and “C-Boomer,” she interprets that to mean “Galactica Boomer” and “Cylon Boomer.” I’d guess the fan really meant “Caprica Boomer,” but what really interested me was Ms. Park’s response:

“For the record, they’re all cylons and only one of them is Boomer. I’m gonna call one Sharon and she’s the one with Helo, and I’m going to call the other one Boomer — the one on Galactica.”

This reinforces a number of concepts that I’d think are going to be critical to what happens in season three:

First, it’d seem to suggest that Sharon wasn’t pulling our leg when she said (in Home Part 1 and Part 2) that she doesn’t have the same “programming” as the original “Boomer” copy.That would seem to indicate that thecopy she’s referring to as “Boomer” (what the fans called “Galactica Boomer” back in season one) was indeed different. So, while each of the Cylon models may have recognizable traits which help them pursue their particular assignments, they’re not all identical copies, and their overarching “instruction set” can differ.

What programming is Sharon following now? In the season three trailer we saw her speaking with Adama saying, “we’ll only survive if the man on the top can forgive himself.” What we is she referring to?

Update: Audra’s right in her comment below. I corrected the quote.

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  1. Audra says:

    I’m pretty sure she said “unless the man at the top can forgive himself,” but I’d have to check again. Either way, your questions stands. If Sharon says “we,” does that mean she’s committed to helping Adama and the others?

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