Ellen Tigh is Incredible…

…in her ability to absolutely frak up everything and everyone she gets near. In the episode “Sacrifice,” (which was the most recent in our marathon to refresh our memories for Season 3), Ellen, apparently along with half of Galactica’s crew, is in the lounge on Cloud Nine. She’ssipping a cocktail and flirting with Lee Adama. Lee sees trouble brewing and pulls Ellen with him into thebathroom, and she assumes he wants to get it on. Of course, when terrorists hold up the place, Lee does what he does best: look for a solution to the problem by going after the O2 sensors. And Ellen does what she does best: choose the worst course of action that will cause the most amount of damage to everyone else.

“Don’t shoot; I’m Ellen Tigh,” she calls, parading out of the bathroom. “My husband’s the XO of Galactica.” Ahh, excellent. The only thing that surprised me was that she didn’t say, “Oh, and Lee Adama’s in the bathroom. He’s the admiral’s son. We’d make valuable hostages.”

As Chuck said in the podcast, it’s unlikely that Ellen Tigh is a Cylon. Why? Because she does way more damage as a human. No wonder Saul hits the bottle.

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