What’s coming up in the next webisode?

One of the things I really love about BSG is the way it renders the world in shades of gray — leaving most of its TV sci-fi competition looking like 8-bit black & white graphics on an Apple II. It’s those shades of graythat lead me to believe that the Cylonsare changing their tactics in season three.We’llno longer bedealing with an easy-to-defeat-eventually one-track-minded villain that justwants (in classic Bender fashion) to kill all humans.We’ll be dealing with a group of enemies that’s offering the colonies something that they want (and need) in a bad way: a stable life where they can settle down, have personal time, have children — and have a life.

That’sa tough tack to counter, and poor Tigh is stuck right in the middle of it. As Sean said in the last podcast, if you need someone to get the job done at any cost, Tigh’s your man. But he’s going to pay for it — and not just with an eye.

There’s a question that I find myself asking over and over again without an answer, though:Did Tigh place the weapons in the temple in order to draw the Cylon’s (unpopular) response, or was it just a not-so-happy accident? When I first watched the episode, I was convinced that he’d placed them there on purpose, but having watched it again a few times, I’m not so sure.

One thing I am sure about, though, is that he’d do it again if he thought it’d draw more of the colonists into the resistance. I can certainly see his plight; 150 or so in the resistance out of 46,000+ on the planet? Ouch! He’s right — if they don’t get moving, the resistance will indeed die in its crib.

Personally, I can’t wait for the next webisode on Tuesday. The last one wrapped up a short story arc, and I feel like the next one’s going to give us a good idea of where things are going. We’re past the half-way point in terms of the webisodes already. What’s going to happen next? Will we see Duck again, and if so, will he get over his grief and join up? Or will he become one of the “sympathizers” mentioned in the trailer?

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