Where do they get the Tobacco?

I’ve been wondering, where is everyone on BSG getting their cigarettes and cigars? You can make a still and produce your own alcohol, but tobacco? I assume a lot of them were lying around from before the Cylon attack on the colonies, and perhaps people in the fleet were carrying loads of them to sell. Or maybe one of the fleet’s ships, similar to the botanical cruiser we saw in the miniseries, grows the plant. But if they’re producing their own agriculture on ships, wouldn’t they want to eliminate non-food items as much as possible because of the limited space?

Then again, the colonial fleet is immune to neither addiction nor commercial motives, so I suppose there could be a lot of unseen factors. So, when the last stogie from the colonies has been smoked, what will happen? They say a civilization is only three stogies away from revolution…or something like that. Maybe a shortage of tobacco will be just the thing to kick off the Resistance large-scale.

Update: In the episode “Black Market,” we do see people trading cigarettes and cigars in bulk, so it appears at least one of the ships in the fleet may have had a ton of them in storage already.

3 Responses to "Where do they get the Tobacco?"
  1. Sean O'Hara says:

    I always thought that the larger ships would have small hyrdoponics farms and be able to grow that type of thing, sort of like the chiefs stil. A vise like that would be tough to stomp completely out.

    Also, I don’t think that Tom Z. would let the fleet run completly out of something like that. If there is a need I think he will find a way to supply it.

  2. Arken says:

    Maybe one of the ships of the fleet was a cigarette cargo ship carrying a years’ worth of cigs for all of Saggitaron or something…

  3. Didge machume says:

    Well they must have saved the distillery shop and the tobacco farm ship. Unless they ate making it all from algae they scarf from one planet in hope many years?

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