Season 2.5 DVDs / New Podcast Shortly

I just got back a bit ago from picking up my copy of the season 2.5 DVDs that released today. It appears that they’ve included lots of extras, which I can’t wait to check out.

On a sort of “housekeeping” note, we recorded a great podcast today that’ll post shortly. It’s a bit more, well, serious than the first one, but we cover a lot of ground.

One thing that keeps coming to me as we’re recording the podcasts — or even just BSing about Galactica before and after the recordings (like we always do): the writing team at BSG rocks. Earlier today I was listening to the first “writers meeting” podcast, and I was just blown away (again). These people make the BSG characters and story what they are, and each step of the way they seem to raise the bar. It’s got to put incredible pressure on them, yet they continue to deliver.

If you haven’t yet heard the podcast I’m talking about above — one of the “official” podcasts from Sci-Fi earlier this year — go check it out. You can pick it up right from iTunes, and it’s an unbelievable opportunity to listen to the real BSG crew agonizing over exactly who each character is and why they should do what they do.

And, if you still have time, be sure and check out our next podcast, too.

Update: Regarding Audra’s post below, that’s a great question regarding tobacco in BSG! I seem to remember Adama giving Kara a cigar when he visitedher in the “sick bay” after her triumphant return with the Cylon raider, and I believe he said something about “This is my last one.” I can’t remember for certain, but it sure seems like they’re smoking less. I’ll certainly start watching for it now.

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