Helo, the Gentleman

Here’s a brain-spinner:

in Greek, the phrase Kalos Kai Agathos, or its shortened form, Kalos K’Agathos, means essentially “gentleman.” Kalos means “beautiful,” Kai means “and,” and Agathos means “good.” Beautiful and good = gentleman.

Sound familiar? I couldn’t help but notice this seems very close to “Karl C. Agathon,” our BSG Lt. Helo. Perhaps this meaningful name is just to suggest Helo is truly a good guy…or maybe, since the writers have given Helo a significantly Greek name, Helo’s character is destined for more than we’ve yet seen. As the father of Sharon’s baby – the Cylon baby – which seems to be the baby Number Six is always prophesying about, maybe Helo will take on a bigger role in the future. Perhaps the father of the new Human-Cylon race?

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