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Have you noticed how many of your generally-non-sci-fi-geek friends are into Battlestar Galactica in a big way? I have. BSG’s creators and writers have wisely avoided getting drawn down into the technobabble trap, instead following a path paved with strong, deep characters and human tragedy/triumph.

It’s paying off.

Apparently Zack Exley — of MoveOn fame — is among BSG’s many converts, and he’s gathered together with some collegues to create, an online party-planner for BSG fans. This is the same kind of engine that the major political parties — and MoveOn — used so successfully last year to tap the power of their audience. Check out the site: There are already a number of parties going on, so if you don’t yet have plans for October 6th, why not host a party? Or attend one?

I’m so not surprised, however, that BSG appeals to those who make their living in real politics. While BSG’s crew has said on numerous occasions that their story choices aren’t meant to parallel real life — the Cylons do not represent Al Qaeda, according to producers — the feel of BSG’s politics is, well, real. While there might not be a correlation between events, there’s certainly a correlation between concepts.

When we were submitting the GWC podcast to iTunes, I was almost tempted to select some of the political categories as appropriate, though discretion won out.

One major difference between BSG and real politics here in America: We seem convinced that no matter what political choices we make, we can’t lose it all — as if there’s some kind of floor out therethrough which we can’t descend. Hopefully we never get to experience plunging through that “floor”, as characters in the fictional world of BSG continually (and almost continuously) do.

Anyway, enough heavy stuff. Go sign up for a party! [via Boing Boing]

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  1. Zack Exley says:

    So say we all!

    (Love this site — just added Watercooler to the FrakParty blogroll)

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