Fat Lee? (Or, Apollo gets gaDUNKadunk)

And God said “be fruitful and multiply.” Well, Apollo hasn’t been fruitful in the show (yet), but he seems to have multiplied. Don’t get me wrong–he still looks good, but D, you gotta take charge and help this man become fruitful. That is, make him eat fruit. Not donuts.

Since Jamie Bamber took us through the “Fat Apollo” makeup transformation in a video blog on SciFi.com, we now know he’s been wearing the fat-belly padding that Sharon (Boomer) wore while pregnant in Galactica’s brig. Hey, no need to buy extra props- Sharon has the baby; the belly rightfully moves on to the next person.

Aswe mentioned in the podcast, seeing Fat Lee for the first time was definitely a TiVo moment. Clearly some time has passed and Lee has a) got more important things to do than hit the gym, b) been spending more time mulling over the Cylon situation while digging into ice cream by the pint, or c) let himself go because hey, he’s got D and there’s no more competition to speak of, at least for the moment.

I suspect when the brewing resistance comes to a head, we’ll see Lee back in action and back to his fit self. Until then, Fat Lee’s all right by me.

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