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I’m unsettled by what seems to be a growingcomplacency among the people on New Caprica. The members of the fledgling Resistance are an exception, I think, not the rule. In the first webisode, we see posters aimed at recruiting people into the Cylon-controlled police force, and Jammer tears it down in disgust, claiming that anyone who helps the Cylons “is a collaborater, period.” Also, in the webisode scene where Duck rejects the notion of hiding weapons in the temple as “sacrilege,” we see people praying and going about their business.I really think that placidly smiling woman in Asian dress is a Cylon. They all eye her with repulsion, and as soon as she leaves they continue planning to stash the weapons there. So- people working for Cylons in order to control other people – and Cylons allowing and monitoring human religious ceremonies – it’s all too close for comfort.

Sometimes people get used a situation, no matter how bad, and become desensitized to the danger it poses. First compromise, then appeasement, then…collaboration?If the Cylons can give people the illusion that they are governing themselves and have some freedoms, (while the Cylon agendas remain cloaked behind the human-run police force and “freedom of religion”) won’t the people, weary of battle and resigned to the occupation, welcome these hollow freedoms and decide it’s not worth fighting anymore? Eerily, thatseemsto behappening on New Caprica.

Bring on the Resistance!

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