Welcome to Galactica Watercooler!

After spending just about every Monday morning last season discussing the new episode we all saw the Friday before, we decided to launch this project to share our discussions with you — and hopefully to allow you to share in the discussion as well.

Each week we’ll post our discussion about BSG’s characters, story, and direction in podcast form for you to download and enjoy.  If you have feedback — as we know you will, and we certainly hope you’ll share it — we have a couple of options to offer.  First and foremost, you can call us at 214-296-9229 and leave us your comment in voice form.  Not only does this give you the most room to express yourself, it also allows us to incorporate your audio directly should we decide to respond via the podcast.

You can also reach us in a general fashion via our contact us page here on the blog, or via email individually at chuck, audra, or sean (at) galacticawatercooler dot com.

A couple of notes:

At GWC — either here on the blog or in the podcast — we won’t discuss spoilers.  We will, however, feel free to discuss anything story-wise from the show’s current canon, which we define as anything from one of the following two sources:

  1. The show itself in current and past form, up to and including the most episode aired in the United States
  2. Anything posted by the show’s creators to the SciFi website, such as Ron Moore’s blog, the official BSG podcasts, the Webisodes, and news posts.

Other than that, we have comments enabled and we ask that you refrain from posting spoiler information there.

Welcome to Galactica Watercooler!

4 Responses to "Welcome to Galactica Watercooler!"
  1. Steve says:

    Looks good! Got you bookmarked. I wandered over from frakparty.

  2. Holly says:

    I was just looking through some podcasts on iTunes and I came across your most recent one. I started listening and am so glad I re-found you guys! David and I love BSG so I’m sure your podcasts and this site will add to our enjoyment. Thanks!

  3. Kevin Britain says:

    You should not advertise as spoiler free if you are talking about next week’s previews-not everybody watches the previews. I know Sean has a thing for Father Cavil, and not much interest in female characters, but really- you guys talked more about next week’s episode in the firt half of your podcast than you did about Kat’s death.

    I don’t get the whole Father Cavell/Dean Stockwell lovefest. Gallactica is all about heart, and here is a character that is supposed to be awful- a machine that forces sex on a woman (a much yougder woman) to save her husband. If Dean Stockwell was doing great work, you’d despise his character by now.

    I think it was a casting mistake- they should have gone with an unknown old fart and then people wouldn’t get confused about what kind of character he is depicting on Gallactica. He is too likable (left over from Quantum Leap) to portray evil.

    Anyway- boys, and Audra- can’t deal with a heroic female character? Not even a little moved by Kat’s death while she saves a shipful of people? Come on, not even when Adama sat by her bed? He’s an old white guy, and he was moved by her death.

    Does anyone out there know of any good podcasts that talk about Gallactica besides Ronald Moore’s and CIC? I’d like to hear more, but now I have to unsubscribe to this one- or listen to it way later- if they are giving away previews. I’d really appreciate any suggestions?? HELP!!!

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