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GWC #316: Live from the 2012 Internat’l Meetup

We spend an hour and a half or so hanging out with some of our favorite people in the world — the 2012 GWC International Meetup attendees! It’s a pretty free-flow podcast, so if this is your first GWC ‘cast, you might want to back up one or head forward one to get a better […]


Eff This Week #26: The Effing Meetup

Your crew this week: Audra, Juan, Chuck, and about 50 others fresh from the hotel bar just around the corner from the 2012 GWC International Meetup podcast room. We’re all a little punchy, but hey — it’s the meetup.


GWC #310: Bonus Live Meetup Q&A w/Chuck & Juan

In this bonus episode Chuck and Juan podcast live to answer questions from chat about the upcoming 2012 GWC International Meetup in Dallas, TX March 16-18. If this is your first GWC podcast, you might want to look back (or ahead) one for a normal GWC experience. Announcements: Our block of rooms releases on February […]


GWC #307: Fairy Tales 1, The Brothers Grimm

We kick off our fairy tales arc with a watch and discussion of The Brothers Grimm. And we run down the week in geek including some spoiler-free BBC Sherlock season-finale discussion, a bit on Jonathan Coulton as an “old man who knows how to use the internet,” and some thoughts on what makes a fairy […]


GWC #303: Christmas, Part II

We’re joined again by Christmas TV Companion author Joanna Wilson, this time to discuss sci-fi Christmas specials. We listen to Bwana’s response to our honor of naming a GWC news section after him, which inspires some gaming discussion, like what it means to be a gamer and our take on the new XBL dashboard. Donnie […]


Eff This Week #12: Audra’s Not Here, Man

That’s right. Audra’s week was so effed that she didn’t even have time to Eff it. In her absence, your hosts this week (Chuck and Juan) ramble about Corner Gas, which you can think of as Canada’s Seinfeld. We also talk Archer and Stargate. And GWC uber-producer Solai joins us for a quick ten minutes […]


GWC #300: Live Callers, FSL Special, Dr. Wichelns

This week’s special 300th episode of Galactic Watercooler was recorded live in front of a (remote) studio audience. We take a number of live callers. We bring you a special version of Fantasy Sci-Fi League in which our audience-selected team of heroes saves the holiday. We bring back the Reverend Dr. Wichelns (one of GWC’s […]


GWC #293: News, Crysis

Sean tells us about his Xbox 360 Crysis experience. And we run down the week in geek, including Siri AI antics, new Robocop reboot news, Stephen King’s Twilight bagging, Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer co-op mode, a real-life House situation, Dr. Pepper’s low-cal alternative, an AT-AT dog costume, and lots more. We’re joined in-studio by GWC […]


Eff This Week #4: Passport

As in “remind Audra to get her passport.” In fact, go Tweet her right now. Set a reminder to do so every day until she lets you know she’s done it. This week’s Eff This Week Crew: Audra, Chuck, and Juan. Highlights: We hear stories from Chuck and Photonutz wandering around NYC at midnight on […]


GWC #289: Happy 5th Birthday, GWC

This week GWC turned five, and we take this opportunity to relax, be self-referential, and tell a few of those “meetup only” stories we always mention. If this is your first time listening to GWC, you might want to check out the last (or next) podcast to get a better sample of what we normally […]


Modern Geek #5: Voicemail Show

You called, and we respond! Since we didn’t have time to address all your (awesome) calls in this week’s main episode, we added this bonus voicemail show. Highlights: We describe some of the technical magic that automatically strips, converts, and positions the voicemails that come in to all the various GWC podcast. We hear MG […]


GWC #288 Cons and Meeting Other Geeks, Part 1

We talk about our first sci-fi/fantasy/comic convention experiences and delve into our conceptions (and misconceptions) about the process of gathering in the name of geek. GWC listener (and active community member) Julie joins us to tell us about losing her con virginity at the biggest fan con of ’em all, Dragon*Con. And we run down […]


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